Pandion Europe B.V.

Sales Intermediary Partner

Pandion Europe B.V.
Derbystraat 359
Maaltecenter Blok G
9051 Ghent
Pandion Europe bvba is a Belgian company, with head office in Ghent (BE), operating in the automotive aftermarket focusing on both consultancy and agency.
                            Consultancy for A-brands to get agreements with international retailers
                            Consultancy for A-brands for product training in 5 languages (English, French, German, Dutch & Spanish)
                            Consultancy for retailers: category management for automotive related products
                            Agency for existing and new brands in the automotive aftermarket
                            Developing marketing plans for A-brands

                        Pandion has a network of companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa. These companies are importing and distributing products in all retail channels and organizing the local marketing.

                        Bar's Products Europe works closely with Pandion Europe, B.V.  as an intermediary for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa Regions) to handle sales management, explore and develop new business, and mange international key accounts.