Bar's TEC
Combustion Chamber Cleaner


You might think that burning gasoline or diesel helps to clean your engine but this would be absolutely incorrect! In reality, burning fuel actually creates dirt inside of your engine. In fact, an engine gets built-up with carbon and other by-products due from the internal combustion of fuels and vapors. For example: the tops of pistons, the backs of intake valves, the combustion chambers, inside the intake manifold, the throttle body itself, all of these areas in an engine get dirty as the gasoline burns. Failure to remove sludge, varnish, and deposits from these areas will lead to a loss of fuel economy. This may cause stalling, hesitation, elevated emissions and overall decrease in performance. Some of these deposits are extremely hard to remove because they are cooked on, but they are not a problem for BAR’S Top Engine Cleaner.

Bar's Top Engine Conditioner - As a Bar’s Products International top seller, our customers know we have truly raised the “BAR’S” in this combustion chamber/intake manifold aerosol cleaner and conditioner. Bar’s powerful formula consists of a surface-activator foaming agent which quickly and effectively cleans the inside of the vehicle’s intake manifold and combustion chamber. TEC’s foaming action applies the product to the inside of the carburetor and combustion chamber thereby coating all internal surfaces.


  • Market leading internal combustion chamber cleaner

  • Restores lost power due to deposit build up

  • Helps removes varnish and carbon deposits

  • Foaming action ensures complete coating of parts

  • A smoother idle and acceleration

  • Reduction of exhaust emissions

* Packaging and or label graphics may vary

Product Code: MTE1L-ASL150
Can Size: Net Wt.: 150 g


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